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Pirate Dice

Ready for a taste of high adventure on the rolling seas? For the Pirate’s of the Caribbean fans, you’ll probably recognise this dice game. There are many names for this popular dice game, such as Perudo, Mexacali and Pirate’s dice.

But regardless of the name, in Pirate Dice any poker hand better than a two pair wins! It’s an easy game to pick up but there’s no room for lily-livered landlubbers here! But no matter – treasure awaits! It takes a shrewd pirate with a sharp eye to navigate the rolling seas of Pirate Dice!

Key Features

Dice: 5
Min Bet: 100 FUN
Max Bet: 20,000 FUN
Max Win: 1,000,000 FUN
RTP (%): 96.45%
House Edge: 3.55%
Max Win (x): 50x

How to play Pirate's Dice

Create winning poker hands with 5 poker dice, featuring a top priza of 50x your bet! Each individual die is a normal 6-sided die and displays playing card symbols on each face. In order of high to low value, the card symbols on each die are as follows:

> Ace of Spades
> King of Hearts
> Queen of Clube
> Jack of Diamonds
> 10 of Spades
> 9 of Hearts

The suit of each card symbol in the above list does not matter in this game and is only used to differentiate the symbols.

The winning poker are as follows, from highest to lowest value:

> Five Of A Kind
> Royal Straight
> Straight
> Four Of A Kind
> Full House
> Three Of A Kind
> Two Pair

The lowest winning poker hand to award a prize is Two Pair. Single Pairs and high symbols do not award prizes. Only the highest winning poker hand per game will win a prize.