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Fun Mountain

Blast your way to the peak of FUN Mountain – it’s a virtual version of the classic snakes and ladder board game where you roll the dice to get to the finish as quick as possible!

Roll a dice to move up the mountain- springboards will push you even further, but TNT will blast you back down! Roll a 6 or hit a springboard for extra rolls, or collect your prize if you think you’ve hit your highest peak!

Key Features

Rows: 10
Min Bet: 500 FUN
Max Bet: 5,000 FUN
Max Win: 500,000 FUN
RTP (%): 95.52%
House Edge: 4.48%
Max Win (x): 100x

How to play Fun Mountain

Fun Mountain is a unique game not seen anywhere else – only at KingTiger! You can win a whopping 500,000 FUN – hit the 100x Megabucks Jackpot now! In order of high to low, the payout on each position are as follows:

> Position 100 = 100x
> Position 91-99 = 50x
> Position 81-90 = 25x
> Position 71-80 = 10x
> Position 61-70 = 7x
> Position 51-60 = 5x
> Position 41-50 = 4x
> Position 31-40 = 3x
> Position 21-30 = 2x
> Position 11-20 = 1x
> Position 1-10 = 0x

The bonus feature takes you for a spin around the Fun Mountain where the Springboards fire you up the track and the TNT blows you back down! Continue working your way along – rolling a 6 or landnig on springboard will grant an extra roll of the die! The Position multiplied by your total stake, is the award you’ll win. The higher you make it, the bigger the prizes on offer!